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Enable setlists to become playlists in iTunes and/or last.fm

It'd be great to export a setlist into iTunes and/or last.fm to be able to easily play the songs in the order they were played on the night.

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    It would be great if it was poissble to export a setlist into Spotify ! I still have to manage that manually... :(

  • aabowman commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    There is a service called Playlistify ( http://playlistify.org ), which allows you to import all kinds of data and make it into a playlist.

    Once you have put their Bookmarklet in your Bookmarks Toolbar, you just select any playlist text (such as a setlist from Setlist.fm) and click the Bookmaklet. It imports that information into Playlistify and even removes erroneous data (such as the numbers on setlists from Setlist.fm)! You can then use the playlist just about anywhere (Spotify, etc).

    NOTE : The problem with Setlist.fm data, is I think the data needs to be in the format of: Artist - Track,
    so you will have to paste in the " Artist - " in front of the track name on every line. You can easy paste it in once you are redirected to Playlistify's built-in text editor.

    Playlistify Bookmarklet found here:

    It would be great if Setlist.fm could create a direct "Export to Playlistify" button that does it all for you, inlcuding formating the data, which is simple: remove the numbers and the periods, put each track on a new line, and precede each track with the artist like this: Artist - Track


    Work the other way around and have an "Import from Setlist.fm" button incorporated into Playlistify.org

  • Knolwar commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    What about Spotify Playlists instead of iTunes (Which I belive is alot easier?)

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